Advice and representation

Legal advice and representation in matters of intellectual property law, according to our view, are not limited to filing and obtaining of intellectual property rights. We are committed to consulting and representation made of one piece.


The patent attorney's work begins, well before the filing and obtaining of intellectual property rights, by the analysis and the understanding of both your company's situation and your specific projects. It continues with the elaboration and submission of a proposal of an appropriate, tailored solution. And it leads, via the discussion and optimization of the proposed solution in collaboration with the client, by involving the diverse interests and conditions on the part of the client, to the objective of a strategic orientation of your company with regard to its intellectual property. The acquisition, enforcement, and possibly defense of your intellectual property rights is thus harmoniously embedded in a broader overall concept. Depending on the constellation, the patent attorney's activities also may extend far beyond these steps, such as to comprise for instance assistance in the framework of licensing negotiations or of litigation.

You look for such advice in all matters of your intellectual property? Then you will be fine with us!

Representation in front of the competent authorities

We hold powers of representation in front of all public authorities in Switzerland which are competent in the field of intellectual property as well as in front of supranationally operating, competent institutions in Europe, especially before the corresponding patent and trademark offices and the competent courts. This applies particularly to the IGE (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property / Bern), the EPO (European Patent Office / Munich), the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization / Geneva) and the Swiss Federal Patent Court (St. Gall). For intellectual property rights outside Europe we have an extensive network of local cooperation partners.

You may therefore rely on us in all your matters related to intellectual property rights!

Training and support of your organization

You want to be able to judge the services offered to you from various sides on your own, on a solid basis? You want to raise awareness amongst your staff in matters relating to intellectual property, to train your employees in this respect, as well as to strengthen your company by internal knowledge in this sector? You want to improve the processes in your company as regards the identification of potential - and the administration as well as the exploitation of existing intellectual property rights?

On request, we carry out lectures and presentations, seminars, and training sessions on your site in order to train your staff, to help you in optimising your administration in the area of intellectual property, and to facilitate cooperation between your company and the patent attorney. Know-how helps!

Legal fields

The activities of our law firm cover the entire spectrum of intellectual property law.


You have developed a new and innovative solution to a technical problem. Defining accurately and effectively the core of your solution in terms of the scope of protection of patent claims and proactively integrating alternative solutions right from the outset, to prevent attempts to circumvent your patent by potential competitors, requires technical expertise and profound knowledge of patent law, coupled with experience. That is what we do!

Utility models

You want protection for technical inventions that is administratively and procedurally easier to handle in comparison to patents. In many countries, this is feasible by means of utility models. Talk to us!


You want to protect the aesthetic design and arrangement of your products. Design law is the appropriate legal remedy. We are at your disposal in this respect!


You want to effectively communicate to the public the origin and/or names of your products and have these solidly adhere to memory. Trademarks are the legal remedy for this purpose. Ask for our advice!

Related fields of law and general range of services

You have to settle matters in the context of copyright or competition law, would like to register a domain name for your internet site, or would like to perform a trademark - or patent search. You wished to prepare an independent expertise for instance with regard to a potential infringement of intellectual property rights, or need to settle disputes and infringement cases with third parties or possibly are obliged to terminate these in court. You have questions about employee inventions, respectively wished general information on the ownership of inventions. You seek advice in negotiations, whether in terms of licenses of your - or foreign intellectual property rights or the like, or need advice on other matters relating to intellectual property law. Contact us!

Technical fields

The activities of our firm, in particular in the field of patents, cover a very broad technical practice area. Except for specific cases of inventions in the field of organic chemistry, biology, and genetic engineering, for which we will gladly refer you to suitable cooperation partners, we should in general be the adequate partner for you.

Thanks to many years of experience we are in particular specialists for inventions in the following technical fields.


General physics, optics, laser technology, solid state - and semiconductor physics, thermodynamics, vacuum technology, cryogenics, electrodynamics, applications of quantum physics, etc.

Medical technology

General medical equipment, imaging techniques and equipment, dialysis, dental technology, etc.


General mechanics, precision engineering, in particular watch industry, sports equipment, etc.

Mechanical engineering and machines

General machinery and mechanical engineering, automation technology, etc.

Automotive engineering

Motor vehicle engineering, aviation technology, engine technology, braking systems, control elements and steering technology, etc.

Printing technology and paper manufacturing

Printing machines, printing processes, winding machines, paper rolling machines, etc.

Power engineering and technologies related to generation of energy

Generator technology, transformation technology, wind - and solar power devices, geothermal plants, thermal power plants, heat pumps, heat exchangers, etc.

Electrical engineering

Measurement -, regulation - and control technology, low - and high frequency engineering, sensor technology, analog and digital circuit technology, telecommunications, etc.

Information technology

Computer, computer-implemented inventions, software, software-implemented methods, etc.

Communication technology

Communication networks and - protocols, encryption - and authentication methods, audio - and video encoding, digital signal processing, etc.

We would be happy to provide you with further information and look forward to hearing from you!